Hi! I’m Andrew Jones and I’ve been a website developer for over twenty years, and an artist my entire life.

But recently, I’ve discovered a new passion: making stuff. Now, I’ve always made things, but usually with pencil and paper, paints or pixels, in the case of digital art. But something more has taken hold of me.

A couple years ago, I took on rebuilding a large part of our backyard fence. I barely had any tools at the time, and bought a Ryobi cordless kit from Home Depot. The fence project was a lot of work, but it was enough to convince me I wanted to do more. I just wasn’t sure what.

Then one day, I stumbled on a YouTube channel called “I Like To Make Stuff”, and it literally changed my life. Here was a guy who did everything I wanted to do. In one episode, he might be doing woodworking. In another, doing 3D printing or CNC carving. Or, maybe just building a giant Optimus Prime blaster with lights and sound.

This is when I realized I’m a “maker”, and have been all my life.

Why “Chester Street”?

Me and Grandpa

When I was a kid, I spent a lot of time in my grandpa’s basement. There was an old workbench with a vise and various tools, and he kept it stocked with scrap wood for us kids to use. I spent many hours at that bench, making random stuff out of wood, cardboard and styrofoam. Lots of Star Wars blasters, vehicles, walkie-talkies, and Ghostbusters proton packs.

There were always stacks of cigar boxes filled with screws, nails, rubber bands, string and other supplies to throw in the mix. My grandpa always had a knack for coming up with creative solutions to problems. Every time I solve something using everyday items, I always think, “that’s a Grandpa John” solution, and it makes me smile.

As for the name “Chester Street Makers”, well, my grandparents lived on Chester Street in Zanesville, Ohio. I thought it only fitting that this adventure I’m embarking on have a connection with the one who largely made me the man I am today.

So welcome to Chester Street. Let’s go make something.